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Amber BC is the name. Sophomore. Filipina \m/
I'm not that kind of girl boys fell in love with. This is where I express my feelings. Happy, sad, mad, brokenhearted, inlove, confuse, and whatever my mood and feelings is I express it here. Falling in love is unpredictable, but there are always a sign before it completely falls. :)

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She began reading fiction books when you ceased making new memories with her. She began poring over all the happy ever afters and how love is supposed to be, how butterflies party in one’s tummy when he/she catches a glimpse of his/her significant other and how they were all replaced by a gaping hole when everything ended. She began dreaming of the things she read about, and they were always with you. She began seeing you as that prince who kissed sleeping beauty awake, as that gallant young man who fell in love with a merman’s daughter, as that beast who changed upon meeting Beauty. You have become her prince charming way before she knew who prince charming was and even after you showed her that you are no prince charming after all.

She started writing her thoughts out when you stopped listening to her stories and rants. She began to get obsessed with words and wrote every single thing for you. She wrote about her dreams and fantasies and the secret world she will always share with you. She described what you once had as something beautiful, more beautiful than the sunset but still, something that is bound to end.

She began to accept the fact that you are never going to stay with her permanently, that you are just a chapter of her life and not the whole book. She cried when she read about a book that doesn’t have a happy ever after and realized that some love stories don’t end up happily all the time. She began to think of you as a lesson she is bound to learn, something she has to charge to experience. And this is when she started to feel whole again. Yes, she still misses you but it doesn’t hurt anymore. She had stopped thinking about what you could have been and just learned to be grateful with what you had. To date, you are her greatest lesson learned, a mistake she would never make again.

And she moved on (maartejade)

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Dear future boyfriend,

Siguro sa ngayon, may pareho tayong pinagkakaabalahan. Parehong busy pa. Sa araw na makikilala mo ko, awkward ako kasama sa una. Pero makulit at tawa ako ng tawa talaga. Sorry kapag hindi ako makatingin sayo palagi. Kung kinakabahan ako ng sobra tuwing yayakapin mo ko o…


The Fantastic Four

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everything personal♡

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How did you guys discover this tumblr?

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